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Investment Planning

Our investment planning process has been developed and refined over decades of good and bad market cycles. If you’re ready for an investment planning experience like no other, we’re ready for you!

Here’s the truth no other investment planner will tell you: You can achieve your financial goals with an average investment plan, however even the best investment plan will fall short if it’s not based on a solid financial plan! That’s why we build your financial plan first, and only after it’s perfect do we go to work creating your world-class low-cost investment plan.

Most clients don’t like investment planning. It’s confusing, frustrating and scary… we understand!  Fortunately we LOVE investment planning!

Unlike other “financial advisors” trying to squeeze a commission check out of you, we don’t just talk at you… we work with you! We work with you one on one to make investment planning fun (yes, our clients actually tell us it’s fun!). Most importantly we make investment planning confidence inspiring!

Our investment planning process includes:

  • A “Total Client Profile”. Our “TCP” is a detailed mapping of your life and financial situation. We’ll ask questions no other financial advisor will think to ask, because we need an in-depth understanding about why money is important to you and what goals you have which take both money and planning to achieve!
  • A Risk Assessment. This isn’t your typical stockbrokers questionnaire… far from it! We use FinaMetrica, the Gold Standard in the investment planning industry. FinaMetrica provides a scientifically validated process of to gauge your true feelings about financial risk.
  • Investment Education. Let’s be honest, the best investment plan is the one you’ll stick to provided you have confidence it will achieve your financial goals. We make sure you have the confidence to stick to you plan by explaining in plain english how your plan works and what you can expect from your investment portfolio.

Without a core understanding of who you are as an investor, and what investment management strategies may be appropriate for you – we can’t build a solid foundation to grow and protect your wealth.

Many financial advisors skip through the process quickly to close a sale. We believe attention to detail in the creation of your investment plan starts at the very beginning of our relationship. You won’t feel like commission check, you’ll feel engaged in the process, heard and understood clearly.

Finally… Investment planning made fun, simple and confidence inspiring!

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